04 / 12 2015

Helideck Friction Test CAP 437

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helideck friction test CAP 437


FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. division HELITECH – CAP COMPLIANT SERVICES; a Member of British Helicopter Association (BHA); International Helideck Regulators Association (IHRA) and Helicopter Association International (HAI); specializes in helideck friction testing on offshore installations and vessels. With a team of trained technicans, Helideck Friction Test is conducted using the latest friction measuring equipment. Our friction measuring devices and methodology meets all the strict requirements under UK CAA, CAP 437. Those of us involved in the offshore industry know more than most about the importance of safe working and risk management. With this in mind, regular helideck friction testing gives offshore installation operators the assurance needed to remove helideck landing nets. The first assessment of a potential hazard, with the successful completion of a friction test, could be removed!

  • The landing area is a critical part of the helideck platform; keeping this safe for helicopter landings is a key safety measure.

Helideck Friction Test carried out is based on UK CAA, CAP 437 which provides guidance on the periodicity of helideck friction testing. The helideck should be re-tested annually or when the condition of the deck suggests more frequent testing is appropriate. More on Civil Aviation Authority website.


Helideck Micro Grip Tester easily guides operators through the friction survey process and the easy to use view software outputs the data in a visual friction map illustration of the helideck. It is robust, easy to use and gives helideck operators vital information on the friction levels available not only for regulator purposes. Latest edition of FINDLAY IRVINE – Helideck Micro Grip Tester is the world’s first purpose built continuous friction measuring device designed specifically for testing Helidecks and Helicopter Landing Zones, recognized in UK CAA, CAP 437. HMGT Testing It has been purpose built to cope with harsh offshore environments and for transportation too hard to reach facilities. FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. is proud to be the supporter and sole agents of FINDLAY IRVINE devices for GCC region.

helideck friction test CAP 437helideck friction test CAP 437


  • Clearance to operate without helideck landing nets
  • Suitably qualified engineers certified to work offshore
  • Devices allowing for quick response and shipping times
  • Friction maps of the helideck surface, areas of interest
  • Experience in working the offshore industry environment


Helideck landing nets present a hazard to personnel in the form of slips, trips and falls, as well as to helicopters through shock-effects sustained on the wheels during landing. For busy installations and vessels, the hazard posed by a landing net is highly undesirable and easily eradicated.

helideck friction test CAP 437helideck friction test CAP 437


British Helicopter AssociationInternational Helideck Regulators AssociationHelicopter Association International


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FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. located in Qatar is the latest addition to the organization having over 23 years in the business. Unlike many leading companies available throughout the industry, FEDS main uniqueness and advantage is our ability to offer turnkey services requiring all four disciplines (FABRICATION, ENGINEERING, DESIGN, SERVICES). We also offer to all our clients the option to carry out specific tasks on their sites be it onshore or offshore. FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. is VGCE’s solution in addressing and embracing the frequent challenges faced by our onshore and offshore clientele in Fabrication, Engineering and Design Services requirements worldwide. Initially, when company VGCE was formed, it was primarily providing anti-corrosion treatments and protection services only. However, there was also a need in providing engineered solutions to support the anti-corrosion aspect of the business. VGCE’s clients are extremely satisfied with the added expertise and are frequently requiring FEDS – VGCE’s Services.

VGCE a Vietnam based company has done projects as far afield as Egypt, Ghana, India and of course South East Asia. With the increasing demand for more support services throughout the world, VGCE proudly expanded their base to Qatar under the flagship of FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. Our aim is to not only to serve Qatar’s booming industries but to also serve the rest of the GCC countries. Currently our prospective clients are in the onshore, offshore oil and gas industry as well as the other industries i.e construction, power generation, water treatment plants, hospitals or other sectors requiring specific testings, inspections and custom engineered fabricated designs. Excellent, cost effective solutions for companies who are looking at maintaining the assets they already have. This is where FEDS ENGINEERING and our expertise are in demand. FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. Qatar is powered by FEDS SERVICES, member of Vietnam GloCoating Engineering JSC.
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