03 / 12 2015

Recycled Glass Media EVOBLAST

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recycled glass media evoblast


Recycled glass media evoblast is an engineered abrasive blasting media manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass. Crushed glass is an excellent general purpose abrasive and is approved for use in numerous industrial sectors, and military branches. Evoblast works great in both slurry-systems and dry-blast equipment. 100% recycled crushed glass eliminates the health risk of airborne carcinogens. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely inert and is safe to use around water. Glass dust is classified by OSHA/NIOSH as only “nuisance” dust because it contains less than 1% free silica. Crushed glass is also virtually free of any of the OSHA identified Heavy/Toxic Metals associated with some slags and some other mineral abrasives. Lastly, since glass is translucent, visibility and productivity are significantly improved when compared to a blast environment using traditional hard abrasives.


  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally / User Friendly
  • Faster removal rate for heavy coatings
  • Cleaner blast. No Contaminants
  • Hold blast much longer
  • Can provide any required profile
  • Excellent anchor pattern “Angular”
  • Variable pressures can be used
  • No disposal problems
  • Low S.G. reduced clean up times

Recycled glass media evoblast is less dense than other sandblasting medias. This means greater productivity due to more blast time between pot refills AND less material will be used, which reduces both disposal and media costs. Lighter weight than most abrasives. Contractors report back that they use at least 25% less abrasive (some say up to 50% less) when using glass as compared to mineral slags. More on www.evoblast.com

recycled glass media evoblastrecycled glass media evoblast


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FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. located in Qatar is the latest addition to the organization having over 23 years in the business. Unlike many leading companies available throughout the industry, FEDS main uniqueness and advantage is our ability to offer turnkey services requiring all four disciplines (FABRICATION, ENGINEERING, DESIGN, SERVICES). We also offer to all our clients the option to carry out specific tasks on their sites be it onshore or offshore. FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. is VGCE’s solution in addressing and embracing the frequent challenges faced by our onshore and offshore clientele in Fabrication, Engineering and Design Services requirements worldwide. Initially, when company VGCE was formed, it was primarily providing anti-corrosion treatments and protection services only. However, there was also a need in providing engineered solutions to support the anti-corrosion aspect of the business. VGCE’s clients are extremely satisfied with the added expertise and are frequently requiring FEDS – VGCE’s Services.

VGCE a Vietnam based company has done projects as far afield as Egypt, Ghana, India and of course South East Asia. With the increasing demand for more support services throughout the world, VGCE proudly expanded their base to Qatar under the flagship of FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. Our aim is to not only to serve Qatar’s booming industries but to also serve the rest of the GCC countries. Currently our prospective clients are in the onshore, offshore oil and gas industry as well as the other industries i.e construction, power generation, water treatment plants, hospitals or other sectors requiring specific testings, inspections and custom engineered fabricated designs. Excellent, cost effective solutions for companies who are looking at maintaining the assets they already have. This is where FEDS ENGINEERING and our expertise are in demand. FEDS ENGINEERING W.L.L. Qatar is powered by FEDS SERVICES, member of Vietnam GloCoating Engineering JSC.
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